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Forbidden characters in import filenames:

The following list of characters present issues in the listed area of the product. If you encounter issues, the following listings may provide some guidance on where the issue occurred.


Tip: You should avoid using any of these characters in your import filenames. This list may not be complete for all available running environments.

  • General:

    Code Block
  • Photon web clientSeb browser

    Code Block

  • Spark running environment:

    Code Block
    "{", "*", "\"

Native Input File Formats


  • Tableau Hyper


    NOTE: Publication of results in Hyper format may require additional configuration. See below.

    Tableau TDE


    NOTE: TDE has been superseded by the Hyper format. Please switch to using Hyper format. TDE will be deprecated in a future release.

  • Avro

  • Parquet

Compression Algorithms