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  • Java 1.8

Notes on Java versions:

  • OpenJDK 1.8 is officially supported. It is installed on the

    D s node
    during the installation process.


    NOTE: If you are using Azure Databricks as a datasource, please verify that openJDKv1.8.0_212 or earlier is installed on the

    D s node
    . Java 8 is required. There is a known issue with TLS v1.3.

  • There are additional requirements related to Java JDK listed in the Hadoop Components section listed below.
  • If you are integrating your
    D s item
    with S3, you must install the Oracle JRE 1.8 onto the
    D s node
    . No other version of Java is supported for S3 integration. For more information, see Enable S3 Access in the Configuration Guide.



Spark 2.3Spark 2.4
Java 1.8Required.Required.