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As needed, the 

D s item
 can be installed as PostgreSQL DBs on Amazon RDS. Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the cloud. 


NOTE: If you are installing or upgrading a deployment of
D s product
that uses or will use a remote database service, such as Amazon RDS, for hosting Warning

Installation of the

D s item
on a remote server of which you do not have full administrative control requires additional configuration and cross-migration that is not covered in this documentation. Before you begin, please contact
proserv. For this release, additional configuration may be required

  • In Amazon RDS, databases must be installed in a supported version of PostgreSQL.
  • SSL connectivity is not supported.


Code Block
su - postgres
psql -Hh <endpoint of RDS Instance> -U trifacta_rds postgres


Code Block
CREATE ROLE trifactaschedulingservice LOGIN ENCRYPTED PASSWORD '<pwd_trifactaschedulingservice>';
GRANT trifactaschedulingservice TO trifacta_rds;
CREATE DATABASE "trifactaschedulingservice" WITH OWNER trifactaschedulingservice;

Configuration Service database:

Code Block
CREATE ROLE trifactaconfigurationservice LOGIN ENCRYPTED PASSWORD '<pwd_trifactaconfigurationservice>';
GRANT trifactaconfigurationservice TO trifacta_rds;
CREATE DATABASE trifactaconfigurationservice WITH OWNER trifactaconfigurationservice;