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For relational connections that support writing directly to the database, you can configure the following settings to specify the output table in the Run Job page.


NOTE: You cannot write to multiple relational outputs from the same job.


  1. Select location: Navigate the database browser to select the database and table to which to publish.
    1. To create a new table, click Create a new table.
  2. Select table options:
    1. Table name:
      1. New table: Enter a name for it. You may use a pre-existing table name, and schema checks are performed against it.
      2. Existing table: You cannot modify the name.
    2. Output database: To change the database to which you are publishing, click the database icon in the sidebar. Select a different database.

    3. Publish actions: Select one of the following.
      1. Create new table every run: Each run generates a new table with a timestamp appended to the name.
      2. Append to this table every run: Each run adds any new results to the end of the table.

      3. Truncate the table every run: With each run, all data in the table is truncated and replaced with any new results.
      4. Drop the table every run: With each run, the table is dropped (deleted), and all data is deleted. A new table with the same name is created, and any new results are added to it.

  3. To save the publishing action, click Add or Update.

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