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  • Name: You can enter a new name of the sample as needed. 


    Tip: Naming your samples can assist in tracking them later. For example, you might choose to add a date stamp to the name to track when you captured the sample.

  • Scan TypeScan Type: (Does not apply to all sampling methods) Types of scans: 
    • Quick - performs a random scan of the dataset to extract the appropriate number of rows for the
    • sample.
    • Full - gathers the sample from the entire dataset. Depending on the size of the dataset, this method can take a while.

  • Column or columns: (Stratified, Cluster-based) Name of the column from which to gather values to evaluate (Anomaly-based) Specify the name or names of one or more columns containing the anomalies to include in your sample. Multiple columns can be specified by comma-separated values. A column range can be specified using the tilde (~) character.