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  1. Snapshot of recipe in development:
    1. In the source flow, select a specific step in your recipe in the Recipe panel. 
    2. From the panel context menu, select Download Sample as CSV.
    3. The recipe steps up to the selected step are performed on the current sample, and the current state of the sample is download in CSV format to your local desktop. 
    4. Through the Import Data page, you can import this generated file.
    5. For more information, see Take a Snapshot.
  2. Snapshot of job results:
    1. In the source flow, select your recipe in the Recipe panel. 
    2. Select the output object icon above the recipe. 
    3. In the side panel, click Run Job. Specify the job outputs. For best results, select a CSV or JSON output. For more information, see Run Job Page.
    4. When the job completes, click the job identifier. The Job Details page opens. See Job Details Page.
    5. In the Job Details page, click the Output Destinations tab. For the generated output, select Create imported dataset from its context menu.
    6. A new imported dataset is created in your Library. 
    7. In the target flow, add this dataset to your flow. See Flow View Page.
    8. For more information, see Build Sequence of Datasets.