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Tip: Sample filters are very useful for allowing you to generate samples that are much more specific to the steps that are trying to build at the present time in your recipe.

Scan method:

Depending on the type of sample, you may be able to select the method by which the data is scanned:

  • Quick Scan: Representative sample is scanned and executed in-memory on the 
    D s node
    . Although the scope of the scanned data is smaller, these samples are much faster to generate. 
    • If a Quick Scan sample fails, the 
      D s webapp
       may attempt to perform the scan on an available clustered running environment.
  • Full Scan: Data is sampled from the full set of available data. The sampling job is executed on an available clustered running environment. These sampling jobs can take longer to execute. Depending on your environment, additional costs may be be incurred. 

Initial Data Samples

These samples are collected automatically when you first load a new dataset into the Transformer page. These sample contain the first 10 MB of data from the first file or table in the dataset.