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These settings can be specified at the project level or at the individual output object level:

  • Project Execution settings: At the project level Within your preferences, you can define the your execution options for jobs. By default, all of your jobs executed from flows within the project use these settings. For more information, see Project Execution Settings Page.
  • Output object settings: The execution settings in the Project Execution Settings page can be overridden at the output object level. When you define an individual output object for a recipe, the execution settings that you specify in the Run Job page apply whenever the outputs are generated for this flow. See Dataflow Execution Settings.



Tip: Unless performance issues related to your resource selections apply to all jobs in the project, you should make changes to your resources for individual output objects. If those changes improve performance and you are comfortable with the higher costs associated with the change, you can consider applying them through the Project Execution Settings page for all jobs in the project.

Choose machine type

machine type is a set of virtualized hardware resources, including memory size, CPU, and persistent disk storage, which are assigned to a virtual machine (VM) responsible for executing your job. 


  • Billing for your job depends on the machine type (resources) that have been assigned to the job. If you select a more powerful machine type, you should expect higher costs for each job execution.
  • D s product
     provides a subset of available machine types from which you can select to execute your jobs. By default, 
    D s product
     uses a machine type that you define in the Project Settings pageyour Execution Settings page.
  • If you are experiencing long execution times and are willing to incur additional costs, you can select a more powerful machine type.