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  1. Login to the application.
  2. In the left navigation bar, click the Connections icon.
  3. In the Create Connection page, click the

    D s conntype

  4. Specify the connection properties:


    (Optional) The default S3 bucket to which to connect. When the connection is first accessed for browsing, the contents of this bucket are displayed.

    If this value is not provided, then the list of available buckets based on the key/secret combination is displayed when browsing through the connection.


    NOTE: To see the list of available buckets, the connecting user must have the getBucketList permission. If that permission is not present and no default bucket is listed, then the user cannot browse S3.

    Access Key ID

    Access Key ID for the S3 connection.

    Secret Key

    Secret Key for the S3 connection.

    Server Side Encryption

    If server-side encryption has been enabled on your bucket, you can select the server-side encryption policy to use when writing to the bucket. SSE-S3 and SSE-KMS methods are supported. 


    NOTE: If None  is selected here, AWS S3 still applies server-side encryption to the bucket without impact to cost or performance. For more information,

    see httpdevservside
    Server Side Kms key Id

    When KMS encryption is enabled, you must specify the AWS KMS key ID to use for the server-side encryption. For more information, see "Server Side KMS Key Identifier" below.

    For more information on the other options, see Create Connection Window.

  5. Click Save