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  • If loading your Sheets-based dataset in the Transformer page results in a blank screen, please take a new sample. The file requires conversion again with each generated sampling.
  • Latest state of the spreadsheet may not be reflected in the Transformer page due to caching. When you run a job, the platform collects the latest version of the data and converts it to CSV for execution.
  • IMPORTRANGE function in Google Sheets is not supported for importing data from another sheet. 


  1. A spreadsheet can be read directly from your Google Drive.


    NOTE: When you first use the Google Sheets connector, you must enable

    D s product
    to read all of your Google Drive data. When the connector is used, it locates only the Google Sheets data, including any Sheets that have been shared with you. All other data in Google Drive, including any Microsoft® Workbooks®, is ignored. You can then select the Sheet or Sheets you wish to import.

  2. Sheets in a worksheet are ingested and written to 
    D s storage
     in CSV format. 
  3. CSV files are available for selection.
  4. These CSV files are the source from which the imported datasets are created.