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D s photon
 is an in-memory running environment that is hosted on the 
D s node
. This environment is initialized only when a job is queued for execution on it. Designed for small- to medium-sized jobs, it offers superior performance due to its location on the 
D s node
 and its in-memory processing.

When you choose to run a job in the

D s webapp
D s photon
 is selected as the default running environment if it is available and the job size is estimated to small or medium.



D s photon
is also used for sampling jobs that are configured to use the Quick Scan method. For more information, see Overview of Sampling.


Tip: In the Run Job page, select Photon to run the job on this running environment.

D s photon
 is enabled by default but can be disabled as needed.



D s photon
may require enablement in your project or workspace. See Configure Running Environments.


  • Scheduled jobs cannot be run on 
    D s photon
  • D s photon
    cannot process numeric values with more than 16 digits. Columns containing such values are converted to String values, and the digits beyond 16 are converted to 0.
  • When a recipe containing a user-defined function is applied to text data, any null characters cause records to be truncated during
    D s photon
    job execution. In these cases, please execute the job on another running environment.
  • For most array functions, such as ARRAYUNIQUE and KEYS functions, the order of elements in the output cannot be guaranteed.

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