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  1. D s config
  2. Locate the following settings. Verify that they are set to true:

    Code Block
    "webapp.orchestrationWorkers.enabled": true,
    "orchestration-service.enabled": true,
    "orchestration-service.autoRestart": true,

  3. You can choose to enable the following task types:

    Task typeSettingDescription
    HTTP task

    When true, you can configure plan tasks to deliver a REST request over HTTP or HTTPS to a specified endpoint, including endpoints in the

    D s platform

    Flow taskThis feature is automatically enabled when Plans feature is enabled. See above.These tasks execute a specific output on a selected flow.
  4. Save your changes and restart the platform.


Logging information on plan execution is captured in the orchestration-service.log. This log file can be downloaded as part of a Support Bundle. For more information, see Support Bundle Contents.