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  • Create: Click to create a new environment parameter. Specify:
    • Name: Name of the new environment parameter.


      NOTE: To distinguish them from other parameters, the prefix env. is added to all environment parameter names.

    • Default value: The default value for the new environment parameter.
    • To save your new environment parameter, click Save.
  • Import: Select Import to import a ZIP file containing a set of environment parameters that were exported from another environment. For more information, see Manage Environment Parameters.
  • Export: Select Export to download a ZIP file containing the definitions and default values for the environment parameters in this environment. For more information, see Manage Environment Parameters. 
  • Search: Enter a search string to locate environment parameters by name.


  • Edit value: Enter a new default value for the environment parameter. Then, click Save.
  • Delete: Delete the environment parameter.


    When an environment parameter is deleted, all references to the environment parameter are rendered as an empty string, which may result in broken imported datasets and outputs and other unpredictable issues.

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