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You cannot create

D s storage
 connections through the APIs.

Using Using 
D s storage

Uses of 
D s storage

D s product
 can use 
D s storage
 for the following reading and writing tasks:



NOTE: When you create a new dataset as part of your results, the file or files are written to the designated output location for your user account. Depending on how your permissions are configured, this location may not be accessible to other users.



NOTE: Files stored in /uploads should be deleted with caution. These files are the sources for imported datasets created by uploading files from the local desktop. Files in /uploads should only be removed if you are confident that they are no longer used as source data for any imported datasets. Otherwise, those datasets are broken.

Files stored in /tmp are suitable for removal. Some details are below.

D s dataflow
 job temp files

When your jobs are executed on 

D s dataflow
, the following temp files may be generated:

  • .pb and .json files are generated with each job run. After a job run has been completed, these files can be safely removed.
  • dataflow-bundle.jar contains code dependencies and may be reused in future job submissions. This JAR file can be more than 150 MB.


    Tip: You can safely remove all but the latest version of dataflow-bundle.jar. Older versions are no longer used. You can also delete the latest one, which it is automatically replaced in the next job execution. However, it does require a re-transfer of the file.


Enable: Automatically enabled.

Create New Connection: n/a

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