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Modify the following properties as needed:


Enter the host name of

D s conntype
. Example value:

Code Block

Set this value to the port number through which to access

D s conntype
. By default, this values is set to 1025.

Connect String Options

(Optional) You can specify additional options used to connect as a string value. Connect string options are submitted in the following format:

Code Block
Enable Data Encryption

When enabled, the data exchanged between the

D s conntype
JDBC driver and the database is encrypted.

User NameThe username used to connect.
PasswordThe password associated with the username.
Test Connection

After you have defined the connection credentials type, credentials, and connection string, you can verify that the

D s webapp
 can use them to connect to the database.

Advanced options: Default Column Data Type Inference

Set to disabled to prevent the product from applying its own type inference to each column on import. The default value is enabled.

Advanced options: Enable SSH Tunneling

If available, the SSH tunneling options allow you to configure SSH tunneling authentication between the

D s webapp
 and your database.


NOTE: SSH tunneling is available on a per-connection basis. It may not be available for all connections.

For more information, see Configure SSH Tunnel Connectivity.

Connection NameDisplay name of the connection.
Connection Description(Optional) Description of the connection, which appears in the application.

Connection URL

The properties that you provide are inserted into the following URL, which connects the

D s platform
 to the connection:

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<host>Host URL of the database server.

Port number for the database server. Typically, this value is 1025 for

D s conntype


Connect string options, which are submitted in the following format:

Code Block

The Connection URL is mostly built up automatically using cluster configuration for the platform.