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  • Google Sheets


    Tip: You may import multiple sheets from a single Google Sheet at one time. See Import Google Sheets Data in the User Guide.


  • PDF

  • JSON v2

Notes on JSON:

There are two methods of ingesting JSON files for use in the product. 


  • BigQuery Table

Compression Algorithms

When a file is imported, the 

D s webapp
 attempts to infer the compression algorithm in use based on the filename extension. For example, .gz files are assumed to be compressed with GZIP. 


NOTE: Import of a compressed file whose underlying format requires conversion through the Conversion Service is not supported.


CSVSupportedSupportedNot supported
JSONSupportedSupportedNot supported


Snappy compression formats

D s product
supports the following variants of Snappy compression format:

File extension

Format name



Framing2 format



Hadoop-snappy format



NOTE: Xerial's snappy-java format, which is also written with a .snappy file extension by default, is not supported.