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Additionally, rules can be defined to assess the quality of the data for its intended purpose in your data pipeline. In addition, you can use calculated metric type (derived metrics) as a source of data quality input types and create a metric-based data quality rule.

Custom-based rules

You can create custom-based rules using formulas containing 

D s lang

Rule Types

Metric-based rules

You can use custom metrics to assess data quality. You can use a calculated metric type (derived metrics) as a data quality input type and create a metric-based data quality rule. For example, you can create a constraint that the inventory quantity should be within a specific range. 



NOTE: As you apply transformation steps to the data, the state of your data quality rules is automatically updated to reflect the changes. If you delete columns or other elements referenced in the data quality rules, errors are generated in the Transformer page.

Custom rules

You can create custom rules using formulas containing

D s lang


  • Rules cannot be included in macros.
  • Rules cannot be parameterized.
  • Sets of rules are created for each recipe. Rules cannot be shared between recipes.