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  1. Select the publishing target. Click an icon in the left column.
  2. Locate a publishing destination: Do one of the following.

    1. Explore: 


      NOTE: The publishing location must already exist before you can publish to it. The publishing user must have write permissions to the location.

      1. To sort the listings in the current directory, click the carets next to any column name.
      2. For larger directories, browse using the paging controls.
      3. Use the breadcrumb trail to explore the target datastore. Navigate folders as needed.
    2. Search: Use the search bar to search for specific locations in the current folder only.
    3. Manual entry: Click the Edit icon to manually edit or paste in a destination.
  3. Choose an existing file or folder: When the location is found, select the file to overwrite or the folder into which to write the results.


    NOTE: You must have write permissions to the folder or file that you select.

    1. To write to a new file, click Create a new file

    Create a new file: See below.

  4. Create Folder: Depending on the storage destination, you can click it to create a new folder for the job inside the currently selected one. Do not include spaces in your folder name.

  5. Create a new file: Enter the filename under which to save the dataset.

    1. Select the Data Storage Format.
    2. For more information, see Output Settings below.

  6. As needed, you can parameterize the outputs that you are creating. Click Parameterize destination in the right panel. See Parameterize destination settings below.

  7. To save the publishing destination, click Add.

To update a publishing action, hover over its entry. Then, click Edit.

To delete a publishing action, select Delete from its context menu.


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