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If you plan to use S3 as the default storage environment, the following sections outline the AWS configuration prerequisites and requirements.



Tip: This section should be shared with your S3 administrator, who can provide the required information.

AWS Overview

Below are the AWS objects that are required for S3 setup. 


Below is an From the AWS Account page, you can use the example policy template . You should use this template to create the the basis for building your own policy statement. 


NOTE: You should not simply use one of the predefined AWS policies or an existing policy you have as it will likely give access to more resources than required.


  1. One of the statements grants access to the public demo asset buckets.  
  2. Replace <my_default_S3_bucket><s3-bucket-name> with the name of your default S3 bucket.
  3. To grant access to multiple buckets within your account, you can extend the resources list to accommodate the additional buckets.
Policy Template


For more information, see AWS Account Page.

Update policy to accommodate SSE-KMS if necessary


For more information, please contact 

D s support

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