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Where possible, you should install the same version of Java on the 

D s node
 and on the cluster with which you are integrating.

  • Java 1.11 (runtime only)
  • Java 1.8 (recommended)

Notes on Java versions:

  • OpenJDK 1.8 is supported.


    NOTE: If you are using Azure Databricks as a datasource, please verify that openJDKv1.8.0_302 or earlier is installed on the

    D s node
    . Java 8 is required. There is a known issue with TLS v1.3.

  • There are additional requirements related to Java JDK listed in the Hadoop Components section listed below.
  • If you are integrating your 
    D s item
     with S3, you must install the Oracle JRE 1.8 onto the 
    D s node
    . No other version of Java is supported for S3 integration. For more information, see S3 Access in the Configuration Guide.


For Ubuntu installations, the following packages must be manually installed using Ubuntu-specific versions:

  • NginX: 1.20.01
  • NodeJS 14.17.5

Instructions and version numbers are provided later in the process.



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