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Set time zone

When data is imported from MySQL, the connector performs time zone adjustments to imported Datetime values. 


Tip: By default, the MySQL driver adjusts the imported data to be represented in the time zone into which it is being read. If you are located in GMT -08:00, all data is rendered that your

D s item
reads into the application through the MySQL connector is adjusted to this time zone.

These adjustments are performed in either of the following cases:

  • The MySQL server is configured with a canonical time zone that is recognizable by Java (for example, Europe/Paris, Etc/GMT-5, UTC, etc.).
  • The server's time zone is overridden by setting the Connector/J connection property serverTimezone.

In the latter case, you can specify the override time zone to apply as part of the connection string: 

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The following value sets the time zone of imported data to be UTC:

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For more information on this behavior, see

Driver Information

This connection uses the following driver:


D s api refdoclink


Error messageDescription

Unable to connect to host. Please verify the host and port values.


Credentials failed to connect. Please verify your credentials.


Tip: Click the Test Connection button to verify that your credentials are working properly.

Error: zero date value prohibited

Set the following option in the connect string options:

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Prepared statement needs to be re-prepared.

Database Cursor is not compatible with PREPARED statements in MySQL. The fix is to set the following in the Connect String Options:

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SSLHandshakeException: No appropriate protocol (protocol is disabled or cipher suites are inappropriate)SSL ciphers need to be enabled. For more information, see "Enable TLS (SSL)" above.

For more information on error messages for this connection type, see