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  1. D s config
  2. Locate the following setting and set it to true:

    Code Block
    "feature.addUserIdToSQLQuery.enabled": false,

  3. After enabling the feature, locate the following setting, which defines the connection types for which the userId is written. Each connection type must be explicitly added to the list.
    1. These are the default connection types to which it is applied:

      Code Block
      "feature.addUserIdToSQLQuery.enabledConnectors": "teradata,sqlserver,oracle,db2,mysql",

    2. To apply this feature to other connection types, insert the connection type value to the comma-separated list. In the following example, PostgreSQL connections has been added to the list of default connection type:

      Code Block
      "feature.addUserIdToSQLQuery.enabledConnectors": "teradata,sqlserver,oracle,db2,mysql,postgres",

    3. You can acquire the value to insert by reviewing a connection of the same type in the
      D s webapp
      . When you select the connection in the
      D s webapp
      , the appropriate value to insert is listed for Connection type  in the connection information.
    4. If the above setting is set to an empty string (""), the feature is applied to no connections and is effectively disabled.   
  4. Save your changes and restart the platform.