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  • If caching is enabled:
    • If the global datasource cache is enabled: files are stored in a user-specific sub-folder of the path indicated by the following parameter: hdfs.pathsConfig.globalDatasourceCache
    • If the global cache is disabled: files are stored in a sub-folder of the output area for each user, named: /.datasourceCachedatasourceCaches
  • If caching is disabled: files are stored in a sub-folder within the jobs area for the job group. Ingested files are stored in as .trifacta files.



When set to true, the platform uses the global data source cache location for storing cached ingest data.


NOTE: When global caching is enabled, data is still stored individual locations per user. Through the application, users cannot access the cached objects stored for other users.

When set to false, the platform uses the output directory for each user for storing cached ingest data. Within the output directory, cached data is stored in the .datasourceCachedatasourceCaches directory.


NOTE: You should verify that there is sufficient storage in each user's output directory to store the maximum cache size as well as any projected uploaded datasets.


Specifies the path of the global datasource cache, if it is enabled. Specify the path from the root folder of the backend datastore.


Tip: This setting applies to HDFS or other backend datastores.