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For security reasons, you may need to apply controls to the ability of users to download data from the 

D s platform
. You can choose the types of downloading you limit using the settings in the sections listed below.

Job Results


D s webapp
 allows users to download their job results up to a pre-defined limit. If you set to this limit 0, job results cannot be downloaded at all from the application.


 When downloading job results is disabled, all job results must be downloaded outside of the 

D s webapp


Tip: This parameter can also be used to increase the maximum size of permitted downloads from the

D s webapp


NOTE: In general, you should avoid downloading files that are larger than 1 GB in size from the

D s webapp
. Other limits, such as timeout settings, may be applied, which can cause download failures. This setting is also applied for other hard limits within the
D s webapp
, so please modify with caution. For large files, please try to download through your storage layer.


  1. D s config
  2. Locate the following parameter:

    Code Block
    "webapp.maxQueryResultsSize": 1073741824,
  3. Set the value to 0.
  4. Save your changes and restart the platform.
  5. Verify that job results cannot be downloaded. See Job Details Page.