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  • XLSX and XLS format are supported. Other Excel-related formats, such as XLSM format, are not supported.
    • Strict Open XML format is not supported. You can save the file as an XLSX file and then import it.
  • Filenames cannot include the hashtag (#) character.
  • Filepath and source row number information is not available from original Excel files. These references return values from the CSV files that have been converted on the backend. For more information, see Source Metadata References.
  • Source Excel files with cells bracketed by single double quotes may not be properly ingested if any terminating quotes are missing.


    Tip: You can check the data quality bars for mismatched values or, for strings, the data histogram bars for anomalous values to see if the above issue is present. If so, deselect Detect Structure on import. Then, use a Split rows transformation applied to the affected column to break up the column as needed.

  • Macros in your Excel files are not imported.
    • During import, cell formulas are applied, and the output values are used in the imported dataset.
  • You cannot import password-protected Excel files.
  • Import of Excel files with protected columns or cells is not supported.
  • Compressed Excel files are not supported.