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  • Connections must be created for your target database. See  Connections Page.
  • Verify that you have a read-only or read-write set of connections. For more information, see Connect to Data.


  • The original table that is used as the default value in any custom SQL query remains the default table whenever the custom SQL dataset is used.  
    • During job execution on a dataset of parameterized tables, if the parameterized SQL query returns data from a table from the default table,
      D s platform
      expects that the schema of the new table matches the schema of the original default table.
    • If the schemas do not match, schema mismatch errors may be reported.
  •   Parameterizing the column project list in the SELECT  portion of a custom SQL statement is not supported.
  • Schema refresh of a parameterized dataset using custom SQL is not supported.

Create a custom SQL dataset