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  • Ignore case: Ignore differences in case between values in the join key columns. MyValue matches with MYVALUE
  • Ignore special characters: Ignore special characters that appear in the join key values. 
  • Ignore whitespace: Ignore spaces, tabs, and other whitespace values that may appear in join key values.

Create fuzzy join

fuzzy join


 applies a fuzzy matching algorithm to String values in the join key column to account for slight differences in how values are written.


NOTE: Fuzzy joins can only be applied to String data types. Other data types cannot be fuzzy-matched using the algorithm.

This algorithm relies on the


doublemetaphone function, which attempts to normalize text values based on how the string is spoken by an English speaker. For more information, see

  • Fuzzy match: Enable fuzzy matching based on English language pronunciation using the doublemetaphone function.

Create range join


NOTE: This feature may need to be enabled in your environment. See Workspace Settings Page.