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You can create reusable macros from sequences of steps in your recipe. These macros can be applied in other locations of the recipe or in other recipes. If needed, you can modify the steps in an instance of the macro to replace the existing steps, allowing you to make changes and updates to your macros.

Macro Definition:

Macros are user-defined sequences of recipe steps that can be referenced independently and parameterized as needed. A macro is composed of the following types of information:


When you are specifying a macro, the 

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 reviews the steps of the macro to identify the values that can be modified in it. In the middle column of Steps tab:

Value typeDescription

Image Modified

Column names are automatically turned into inputs.

Image Modified

These two values could be turned into macro inputs but are not currently defined as such.

IFMISMATCHED is a a function name, which cannot be parameterized as inputs.

Image Modified

These two values have been turned into macro inputs.

Create macro inputs:

When you are defining a macro, you can create or modify macro inputs.