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  • You can only post messages to Slack channels. 
  • HTTP-based requests have a 30-second timeout limit.
  • Authentication must be made through OAuth. 


    Tip: You can also create HTTP tasks to deliver messages to a Slack channel. See Create HTTP Task.


  1. Open your plan in Plan View. Click a node to create a new task.

  2. In the right panel, select Slack task.

  3. In the Request tab, set the following parameters:

    OAuth tokenThe OAuth token to use for posting the message.
    ChannelPaste one of the following values from the Slack workspace for where to post the message:
    • Channel Name: Name of the channel as it appears in Slack.
    • Channel ID: This value is available in the Settings page for the channel.
    • Member ID: You can post the message to a specific user instead of posting to a channel. A user's member ID can be found in the user's Profile page in Slack.

    The message to post.


    Tip: Messages can include metadata information about the tasks in the current plan run. For more information, see Plan Metadata References.

  4. To test the message, click Test. A success message is displayed.
  5. You can rename the task. click More menu > Edit in the right panel. 
  6. To add the task to the flow, click Save.