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  • You are just getting started with the product and would like to get productive quickly to transform your data into known outputs.
  • Your data has groups of values, each of which needs transformation in a different way. In a single recipe step, you can perform these transformations across all groups. 
  • Your data has special-case exceptions that must be transformed.


    Tip: You can use this feature as a final cleanup for other transformations. If you have a transformation that handles 90% of the cases in a column, you can use this transformation to handle the remainder.


For string-based inputs, the following options in 

D s lang
 may assist in performing the same functions that you are trying to do in TBE:

D s lang

Extract TransformYou can use the extract transform to retrieve sub-strings from a column and insert into a new column.
String Functions

D s lang
supports a variety of string manipulation functions, which can be used to gather data from a string.