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nameName of the flow
statusCurrent status of the flow
durationLength of time that the flow execution ran or has run so far
startTimeTimestamp for when the flow execution began. A null value if the run has not begun.
endTimeTimestamp for when the flow execution ended. A null value if it has not ended yet.
lastUpdateTimestamp for when the flow was last modified
jobIdInternal identifier for the job that was run or is running for the flow
userInternal identifier for the user who executed the job
fileSizeIf the output generates a file or files, this value captures the size in KB of the output.
environmentRunning environment where the job was executed
columnCountCount of columns generated in the output
rowCountCount of rows generated in the output

Count of

D s item
itemdata types
detected in the output

validValuesCountCount of valid values in the output
mismatchedValuesCountCount of mismatched values in the output
emptyValuesCountCount of missing or empty values in the output

Column information from the selected output for the flow.

sourcesSource filename and table information from the imported datasets.

Metadata Functions

The following functions can be applied to select metadata references to further filter the raw values. 


In raw form, the duration metadata references return values that look like the following:

Code Block

You can apply the HumanizeDuration function to render the above into a more readable format:

Code Block
{{ $plan.duration | humanizeDuration }}

The output of the above applied to the first value is the following:

Code Block
7.523 seconds


You can generate a universally unique identifier, which can be delivered as part of a messaging payload:

Code Block
{{ uuid() }}

Additional References

Plan metadata reference information leverages the Nunjucks templating language, which provides additional capabilities such as loops, conditions, filters, and helper functions.