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Getting Started for Workspace Users

This section walks through the process of getting started as a new member of a

D s product



You should have received an email like the following:
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D caption
Welcome email



Tip: After you have registered for a trial, you can immediately begin using the product. 

This section contains additional steps that may be required to use all features of the product. 

Storage configuration

When you login for the first time, you may see a Missing Storage Settings error message


. Your storage settings must be configured before you can import data and run jobs.


  1. To provide your individual user storage credentials and default bucket. To do so, click the Here link.
  2. In your Storage Settings page, you may be required to enter your S3 credentials. 
  3. After the credentials have been entered, you can begin using the product. 

Email verification

When you connect to the product, you may see a banner indicating that you have not confirmed your email address. 


NOTE: You cannot invite other users to your workspace or receive email-based notifications from the product until you verify your email address.


  1. In the 

    D s webapp
    , click the button in the banner to send an email to the address that you used to register.

  2. You should receive an email like the following:
    Image Added

    D caption
    Welcome email
  3. Click the link

Access documentation


To access the full customer documentation, from the left nav bar, select Help menu > Documentation.

The following resources can assist workspace users in getting started with wrangling.