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Welcome to

D s product
, the leading data preparation solution for data volumes of any scale. Use these steps to get started using the application and to find resources to assist you on your way.

Get Started


Tip: If you do not have a

D s item
, you can sign up for free trial of the full-featured product. See Start a Free Trial.

Upload data:  The fastest way to get going is to upload a file to start exploring 

D s product
. See Connect and Import Data.

Set up the environment

First user: If you are the first user of your project or workspace, you may need to set up the environment for other users, including provisioning access to data and invite users to the environment. See Administration.

Invite users: Administrators can invite other users to your project or workspace. See Invite New Users.

Get Wrangling

After you imported data, it's time to get wrangling. 

D s product
 simplifies the process of transforming your source datasets into actionable data usable by all of your downstream systems. In the Transformer page, you select problematic data, and a set of choices are presented to you. Preview each one before selecting the transformation that captures the change you wish to apply. 

D caption
Transform your data by selecting columns, rows, cell values, or bad or missing data. Suggestions are presented, and you select the best one for your data. 

For more information, see Transformer Basics

Get Result Outputs

Run Jobs to Generate Datasets: To apply your transformations to the entire dataset, you run a job. A job applies the steps in your recipe or recipes to the source data on a running environment that is either co-located with the 

D s webapp
 for fast execution of smaller jobs or in a distributed cluster of nodes. See Generate Results.

Other Resources

Community: Check out the

D s item
, where users collaborate on solutions and share ideas. Additional use-case content can assist you in solving the challenges in front of you. Register for a free account at:

Training and certification: The 

D s item
 provides free and paid training to broaden and enhance your command of 
D s product
.  Get certified! For more information, please visit