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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space DEV and version r097


  1. In the 
    D s webapp
    , click the Library icon in the left nav bar.
  2. In the Library page, click Import Data.
  3. In the Import Data page, select the connection that contains your files. 
  4. Navigate through the connection to locate one of the files or folders that you wish to parameterize for input. 
  5. To create a dataset with parameters:
    1. To parameterize at the folder level, click the Create Dataset with Parameters button.
    2. To parameterize based on an individual file, click the Parameterize button on the right side of the file's listing. 
  6. In the Create Dataset with Parameters dialog, click and drag to highlight the part of the path that you wish to turn into a parameter.
  7. Click one of the three icons that appears over your selection:
    1. Add Datetime Parameter: Parameterize a Datetime value.
    2. Add Variable: Create a variable that you can specify and later override to replace the highlighted value.
    3. Add Pattern Parameter: Create a pattern-based or wildcard parameter.


      NOTE: Patterns can be based on a modified form of regex or

      D s item


  8. Specify the parameter and click Save.
  9. Click Update matches. The list of matching files for your parameter is displayed.
  10. To save the parameter, click Create.
  11. In the Import Data page, review the settings or make other selections as needed before creating the dataset.