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Access LevelNameDescription

Assigned role cannot see or use UDFs, including the pages where they are available.

  • Cannot see or use User Defined Functions page.
  • Cannot see or use UDFs in the Transform Builder.
  • Recipe steps with UDFs are invalid due to no access.

Assigned user can access User Defined Functions page and UDFs in them. User can also see and access UDFs through the Transform Builder.

  • Cannot create, edit, duplicate, or delete UDFs.

All of the above, plus:

Assigned user can edit code and signature of UDFs to which the user has access.


All of the above, plus:

Assigned user can create new UDFs and delete UDFs owned by the user.


NOTE: By default, the default role includes author level access.


Standard Platform Roles

The following roles are provided with the product.