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  • Timestamp: You can insert the timestamp of when the output was written as part of the path to the output location.
  • Variable: Variable parameters allow you to insert values that you define as part of the output object.


    Tip: You can optionally override the values of your variable parameters as part of your job definition. For more information, see Run Job Page.

For more information on parameters, see Overview of Parameterization.


  • Export the entire flow and import it into the new environment. Open the flow in the new environment. For more information, see Export Flow.
  • Convert all steps of a recipe into a macro. Export the macro and then import it into the new environment. For more information, see Export Macro.


F or example, if the sample was generated when the recipe cursor was displaying step 7 and you download the data from the recipe when the recipe cursor is on step 10, then you are downloading the state of the recipe at step 10.  For more information, see  Recipe Panel .  


NOTE: When a flow is shared, its samples are shared with other users. However, if shared users do not have access to the underlying sources that back a sample, they do not have access to the sample. These samples are invalid for the other users, who must create their own.


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