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  • Credentials are stored in a secure database table. 
  • Calls through the SSH tunnel happen with each API request to the platform. When the call has been satisfied, the connection is closed. 
    • For asynchronous calls to the database, the connection is not left open during the asynchronous execution of the request.



  • This feature


D s support


  • This feature is not available for some connections.

  • SSH key-pair must be generated in the legacy OpenSSH format. The new OpenSSH format is not supported. Instructions for generating the legacy format are provided below.


  • You must have credentials to access the SSH tunneling for each connection type. 
  • You must whitelist the 
    D s item
     on your database server. For more information, see Whitelist Platform Service.


When SSH tunneling is available for your connection type, the following options can be configured to enable itYou can enable the SSH tunneling check box and configure the advanced options


NOTE: SSH tunneling is enabled on a per-connection basis. If enabled for a connection type, the SSH options appear under the Advanced options in the connection window.


When a connection is shared with credentials, the SSH authentication credentials are also shared. For more information, see Share a Connection.

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