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  • You can hover over the shared icon link next to the flow to view the name of shared users (up to three shared users) and the total number of shared users. Also, when you click the shared icon link, the share dialog is displayed.

You can organize your flows into folders. A folder is simply a container for your flows. To create a folder, click Create. Then, select Create Folder. For more information, see "Flows" below.

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Flows Page


  • Folders cannot be exported and imported.


  • To create a folder, click the Create button. Then, select Create Folder. Enter a name and description for the folder. These values appear in the application. Click Create.


    Tip: When you move a flow, you can optionally choose to create a new folder for it.

  • To move a flow to a folder, select Move from the context menu on the right side of the screen for the flow.
    • To move the flow, select the name of the flow. Click Move.
    • To search folder names, enter your search string in the Search textbox.
    • To move the flow into a new folder, click Create new folder. Enter a meaningful name and description for the folder. Select Move to new folder.
  • To delete a folder, select Delete Folder from the context menu on the right side of the screen.


    This step deletes the folder and all flows within it. This step cannot be undone.