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This feature is disabled by default. For more information about enabling REST API connectivity in your environment, please contact

D s support



D s conntype
connection type provides a generic interface to relational data available through REST APIs. Using this connection type, you can create connections to individual endpoints across hundreds of REST-based applications.

D s conntype ep



  • You should identify the tables and (optional) data models for them that you wish to access. 

  • You should acquire the credentials to access your target endpoints for one of the supported authentication methods. 

    • If you are using an a key or token to access the endpoints, you should generate this token before you begin. 

    • See below. 


  • Query-based authentication using key/value pair
  • Connect String Options:
    Code Block
    • Wait for retry: 15000 milliseconds
  • Single endpoint to GET stock ticker information:
    • DataModel: Document
    • XPath: $./results
    • Rate limiting on the endpoint (maximum queries per minute): 1000
    • is a parameter that is passed in for this specific connection type.
    • Pagination: nextPageURL method


  • Read: Supported
  • Write: Not supported

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label((label = "api") OR (label = "rest"))