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  • Recipe cursor: Represented by the dotted line in the above image, the recipe cursor indicates the state of the data in the data grid at that step. The current data is the current sample of data, plus all of the steps between the sample and the recipe cursor. 
  • Selected step: The step with the selected checkbox next to it is the currently selected step. In the context menu of the selected step are a set of commands that you can apply to it. See below.


    Tip: You can select multiple steps using SHIFT + click or CMD/CTRL + click. The available context menu options may change for multiple steps.


    Tip: If you make a mistake, press CMD/CTRL + Z to try to undo it. Some recipe actions cannot be undone.

Step Actions


Tip: When you add, edit, or delete a recipe step, your changes to the recipe are automatically saved.

Add a new step


  1. Move the recipe cursor to the location after which you wish to add a step.


    Tip: You can also select a step and then select Insert after step to insert a new step.

  2. Click Add New Step.
  3. In the Search panel, search for the transformation or function to add. Select the appropriate one from the list.
  4. Specify the transformation settings as needed.
  5. Click Add.