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D s platform
, plans provide the mechanism for building these robust data pipelines within the application, in which sequences of tasks can tasks can be executed to deliver more diverse datasets. As a result of the success or failure of these flow executionsthese executions, the
D s webapp
 can deliver messages to receiving applications, such as Slack.


The following example shows how to create a plan that executes the following tasks:

  1. Execute the flow task the task that performs the initial cleaning of your data. The results data is saved to a known location.
  2. Execute the flow task that transforms the cleaned data for downstream uses. 
  3. Based on the outcome of step 2:
    1. On success: Send a success message to a Slack channel.
    2. On failure: Send a failure message to a Slack channel.

In Plan View, this plan might look like the following:

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D caption
A plan with a sequence of flow tasks and branching Slack tasks to deliver results messages