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To address the first one, you might add the following, which uses the IF function to test the value of the current order compared to the previous ones: 

D code

derive value: IF(OrderValue >= (1.2 * (OrderValue_1 + OrderValue_2))), 'send rebate', 'no action') as: 'CustomerAction'

You can now see which customers are due a rebate. Now, edit the above and replace it with the following, which addresses the second condition. If neither condition is valid, then the result is send holiday card.
D code

derive value: IF(OrderValue >= (1.2 * (OrderValue_1 + OrderValue_2)), 'send rebate', IF(OrderValue <= (01.9 2 * (OrderValue_1 + OrderValue_2)), 'send coupon', 'send holiday card')) as: 'CustomerAction'