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Title column: For example, you first notice that some data is missing. Your analytics platform recognizes the string value, "#MISSING#" as an indicator of a missing value. So, you click the missing values bar in the Title column. Then, you select the Replace transform card. Note that the default replacement is a null value, so you click Modify and update it:

D code

set col: Title value: '#MISSING#' value: IF(ISMISSING([Title]),'#MISSING#',Title)

Request column: In the Request column, you notice that the reg entry should be cleaned up. Add the following transform, which replaces that value:
D code

replace col:Request with:'Registration' on:`{start}reg{end}`

The above transform uses a 
D s item
 as the expression of the on: parameter. This expression indicates to match from the start of the cell value, the string literal reg, and then the end of the cell value, which matches on complete cell values of reg only.