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Special CharactersDescription
\\String literal match for \ character.


Matches any zero-width word boundary, such as between a letter and a space.

Example: /\bre/ does not match re in tire , since re is not on the word boundary. /re\b/ does match.  


Matches any zero-width non-word boundary, such as between two letters or two spaces.

Example: /\Bre/ matches re in tire. It does not match in respect, since that instance of re is on a word boundary.

\cX Matches a control character (CTRL + A-Z), where X is the corresponding letter in the alphabet.
\dMatches any digit.
\DMatches any non-digit.
\fMatches a form feed.
\nMatches a line feed.
\rMatches a carriage return.

Matches any whitespace character. These characters include:

  • space
  • tab
  • form feed
  • line feed
  • Other Unicode space characters
\SMatches any character that is not one of the supported whitespace characters.
\tMatches a horizontal tab.

Matches a vertical tab.


NOTE: Supported in Release 3.1 and later.


Matches any alphanumeric value, including the underscore.


Tip: Column names must match the same set of characters.

\WMatches any non-alphanumeric character, including the underscore.
\xHH Matches the ASCII character code as expressed by the hexadecimal value HH.
\uHHHHMatches the Unicode character code as expressed by the hexadecimal value HHHH .