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These changes are described in detail below.

Release 4.1


Release 4.0


Release 3.2



Old FeatureNew FeatureDescription
Projects pageFlows pageProjects have been replaced by flows, which will offer much broader functionality and connectivity over the course of several releases. A flow is a storage container for imported and Wrangled datasets. See Flows Page.
Datasets pageDatasets pageThe Datasets page is used to import data from an outside source. In Release 3.2 and later, you interact with both imported datasets and Wrangled datasets through the Datasets page. The workflow has changed a little bit. See Datasets Page.
Datasources pageREMOVED

Imported datasets (datasources) are now managed through the Datasets page. This page is no longer available in the application.


NOTE: This page was not part of the

D s product

N/ADependencies Browser

Explore the dependencies in your datasets through the Transformer page. Identify dependency issues in the target dataset and then quickly navigate to the source issue to fix it. See Dependencies BrowserDataset Navigator.

Changes to System Behavior due to Object Model Changes


  • Joins: In prior releases, joins were executed on a snapshot of data. With automated change propagation, snapshotting is no longer necessary. The target dataset is automatically updated with any changes to the joined-in dataset. 


    NOTE: Automated change propagation can cause breakages in downstream datasets. For example, if you make changes to a dataset that is used in a join, those changes can break steps in the dataset into which it is joined. The Recipe panel can be used to identify these issues, which you can navigate to fix through the new Dependencies browser in the Transformer page. See Dependencies Browser Dataset Navigator.


  • Lookups: Similar to joins, changes in lookup data are automatically propagated. See Lookup Wizard.

  • Unions: In prior releases, when a dataset that was part of a union transform was changed, an alert appeared in the Recipe panel of the target dataset to indicate that there was a change. Beginning in Release 3.2:

    • The data is automatically updated in the target dataset. 

    • If the changes cause breakages, you can see the effects and the source dataset in the Recipe panel for the target dataset. 

    • You can trace back these issues through the Dependencies browser. See Dependencies BrowserDataset Navigator.


Undo/redo of dataset swap has been removed.



Tip: You can still select the previous dataset. See Dataset Browser.