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Through the Transformer page, you can change the source that is used for your dataset. For example, you build your recipe for a week's worth of sales data, which is sourced from an imported dataset based on a CSV called, Week01-Sales.csv. When the next week's source data is dropped in the appropriate directory, you can:

  1. Import the new dataset,
  2. Open your wrangled dataset and recipe, 
  3. Change the source to the new file, and 
  4. Execute a job immediately to process the new week of data.

NOTE: A dataset source can be an imported dataset or a wrangled dataset. Subsequent changes to the source data affect your dataset in development.

If you select a wrangled dataset, your dataset in development also receives any subsequent changes based on modifications of the recipe in the source dataset.

For more information, see Imported vs Wrangled Dataset.

Notes and Limitations:

  • If there are differences between the schemas of the source and the new source, your recipe is likely to break on the dataset when the new dataset is selected.

  • You can swap your original source dataset with an imported dataset or a wrangled dataset. If needed, you can swap back to the original source at any time.

  • Data-dependent transforms, such as header and valuestocols, use the data that was present in the sample at the time that they were added to the recipe. This fact can cause unexpected changes or breakages when the recipe is applied to another source.
  • You cannot undo or redo source swaps.


  1. To change the source for a wrangled dataset, click the dataset drop-down in the Transformer page:

    D caption
    Dataset Selector

  2. Click the bi-directional link between the dataset name and its source. 
  3. Select the new source dataset:


    NOTE: You can select imported datasets or wrangled datasets from any flow to which you have access. Changes to the source data or (if applicable) recipe are inherited. For more information, see Imported vs Wrangled Dataset.

    D caption
    Change Dataset Dialog

  4. Click Select.
  5. Your dataset is now using the selected dataset as its source, and the current recipe in the Transformer page is applied to the new source.