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Release 5.0.1




Tip: The Restart Trifacta button in the Admin Settings page is the preferred method for restarting the platform. See Admin Settings Page.


NOTE: These operations must be executed under the root user.


service trifacta start

Verify operations


  1. Check logs for errors:



    1. You can also access logs through the Designer Cloud® application for each service. See System Services and Logs

  2. Login to the Designer Cloud application. If available, perform a simple transformation operation. See  Login.

  3. Run a simple job. See Verify Operations.


NOTE: Before you restart the platform, you should verify that no jobs are in progress. On restart, these jobs may fail to complete forever. This is a known issue.



service trifacta restart

When the login page is available, the system has been restarted. See Login.

Tip: If you have made any configuration changes, you should verify operations. See Verify Operations.



service trifacta stop



You can verify operations of WebHDFS. Command:

curl -i  "http://<hadoop_node>:<port_number>/webhdfs/v1/?op=LISTSTATUS&"


Error - SequelizeConnectionRefusedError: connect ECONNREFUSED

If you have attempted to start the platform after an operating system reboot, you may receive the following error message, and the platform start fails to complete: 

2016-10-04T14:03:17.883Z - error: [ENVIRONMENT] Environment Sanity Test Failed
2016-10-04T14:03:17.883Z - error: [ENVIRONMENT] Exception Type: Error
2016-10-04T14:03:17.883Z - error: [ENVIRONMENT] Exception Message: SequelizeConnectionRefusedError: connect ECONNREFUSED


This error can occur when the operating system is restarted. Please execute the following commands to check the Postgres configuration and restart the databases:

chkconfig postgresql-9.3 on

Then, restart the platform as normal. 

service trifacta restart

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