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Acquire license key

A valid license key  (license.json) is provided to each customer prior to installation. Your license key file is a JSON file that contains important information on your license such as the expiration date.

NOTE: If your license key has expired, please contact Alteryx Support.

Install your license key

If you are updating your license, you may want to save your previous license key to a new location before overwriting.

NOTE: Do not maintain multiple license key files in this directory.

To apply your new or updated license key, copy the key file to the following location in the Alteryx® deployment


Update your license key

After you have installed your license key, you can update your license with a new one through the Admin Settings page. See Admin Settings Page.

Changing the license key location

By default, the license key file in use must be named: license.json.

If needed, you can change the path and filename of the license key. The property is the following:


See Admin Settings Page.

Expired license

NOTE: If your license expires, you cannot use the product until a new and valid license key file has been applied. When administrators attempt to login to the application, they are automatically redirected to a location from which they can upload a new license key file.

Invalid license key file

When you start the Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta platform, you may see the following:

Your license key is either missing or has expired. Please contact Alteryx Support.

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