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Outdated release! Latest docs are Release 8.7: Configure for KMS


Hadoop KMS is a key management system that enables encrypted transport to and from the Hadoop cluster. This section describes how to configure the Trifacta® platform for integration with KMS.

NOTE: The Trifacta platform supports encryption at rest only through the KMS solution provided with the Hadoop distribution. Generic encryption at rest is not supported.

NOTE: If KMS is enabled on the cluster, you must configure KMS for the Trifacta platform regardless of other security features enabled on the cluster.

NOTE: The required configuration for integrating with each Hadoop distribution may vary. Please be sure to review the details.


  1. You have installed the Trifacta software. See Install.
  2. You have performed the basic configuration steps for Hadoop. See Configure for Hadoop.
  3. You have enabled any required secure authentication services.
    1. See Set up for a Kerberos-enabled Hadoop cluster.
    2. See Configure for secure impersonation.

Configure by Distribution Type

KMS is a cluster-wide configuration. If you are enabling Kerberos, secure impersonation, or encryption at rest on the cluster, you must perform the KMS site configuration changes in the pages for your specific Hadoop distribution.

Cloudera/Sentry: See Configure for KMS for Sentry.

Hortonworks/Ranger: See Configure for KMS for Ranger.

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