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Computes the sum of all values found in all row values in a column. Input column can be of Integer or Decimal. 
  • If a row contains a missing or null value, it is not factored into the calculation. If no numeric values are found in the source column, the function returns 0.
  • When used in a pivot transform, the function is computed for each instance of the value specified in the group parameter. See Pivot Transform.

For a version of this function computed over a rolling window of rows, see ROLLINGSUM Function.

Basic Usage

pivot value:SUM(myRating) group:postal_code limit:1

Output: Generates a two-column column containing the unique values of the postal_code column and the sum of the group of values from the myRating column for the postal_code value. The limit parameter defines the maximum number of output columns.

Syntax and Arguments

pivot value:SUM(function_col_ref) [group:group_col_ref] [limit:limit_count]

ArgumentRequired?Data TypeDescription
function_col_refYstringName of column to which to apply the function

For more information on the group and limit parameters, see Pivot Transform.

For more information on syntax standards, see Language Documentation Syntax Notes.


Name of the column the values of which you want to calculate the sum. Column must contain Integer or Decimal values.

  • Literal values are not supported as inputs. 
  • Multiple columns and wildcards are not supported.

Usage Notes:

Required?Data TypeExample Value
YesString (column reference)myValues


Tip: For additional examples, see Common Tasks.

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